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Add Ons

Purchased with interview packages

Memory Book Transcription


Elevate your oral history podcast with our beautiful memory book transcription add-on! These gorgeous coffee table books allow your oral history to be seen, as well as heard. During the interview process, we will collect about 20 photos from the interviewee. Then, once the episode is complete, we combine the photos and the transcription into a gorgeous keepsake.

$150 (for first copy)
Multiple copies can be ordered for an additional cost.


Basic Transcription

transcription image.jpeg

Easily convert your insightful interviews into written records. Opt-in for a detailed transcript delivered straight to your email, providing an accessible and convenient way to document all that was shared during the interview. Preserve the stories and enhance your audience's experience with our transcription service.



Personal History Journal


Introducing our Personal History Journal, a timeless and invaluable companion designed to capture the richness of a lifetime. This carefully crafted binder features over 150 pages of thought-provoking questions, expertly curated to guide individuals through the journey of documenting their unique story.

With a user-friendly, flexible design, this journal allows for easy customization, letting you move pages around as you see fit. The inclusion of photo album pages adds a visual dimension to your memories, turning this journal into a comprehensive keepsake of your personal history.


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