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From the son of two clients:

“Dad and Mom,

What a thoughtful and wonderful gift. Choked me up listening to it. This is priceless, and I can’t think of a better Christmas gift that I’ve ever been given, including my Mongoose bike when I was eight. Thank you for being my dad, sharing your stories, heritage, lessons, love, and time with me. This matters more to me than any “stuff”. This is a gift that lasts forever, and I am so touched and grateful you and mom shared this with us. I love you!!!”


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"Katie’s work is perfect! I learned things that I never even knew about my parents and grandparents. I feel so much more connected to my family now. Katie brought my heritage to the present and this podcast is a treasure that my family will cherish forever!"


The podcast was so beautifully, tenderly crafted. Katie created the perfect setting for my mom’s story to be told. I had looked into other story recording services for years, but with my mom's limited vision, that wasn't something that would work for her. This interview/podcast has been the perfect way to record her history. What an incredible gift we now have! So grateful!


"Katie did an exceptional job capturing my parents' lives. She was so kind and made my parents very comfortable during their interviews.  She was able to elicit some memories that our family hadn't even heard before. These podcasts are priceless!"

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