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Client Information and Agreement
Hour-Long Episode

(or two 30-minute packages purchased together)
Who are you purchasing this package for?
Who would you like me to communicate with about scheduling and other info?
Where does the interviewee live?

Interviewees who live within 1 hour of Provo, Utah or Boise, Idaho are eligible for an in-person interview. Individuals who live outside of those regions will be mailed a recording package and the interview will take place via video call. 

Client Agreement 

Between Katie Pearse Productions LLC and Client (Paying party and interviewee)

Katie Pearse Productions Will:

  • Send the client the necessary preliminary information and schedule the interviews. 

  • Record the interviewee in the interviewee’s home or remotely for 90 minutes (approx.) twice.

  • Edit the original recording into a 60-minute (approx.) podcast episode. 

  • Send the client the finalized version 8 weeks after final recording via .mp3 and streaming links, will make requested revisions, and will provide transcriptions if purchased.

The Client Will:

  • Fill out the preliminary questionnaire.

  • Meet with Katie Pearse at the allotted time. A $25 scheduling fee will be incurred for cancellations or changes within 48 hours of the interview.

  • Send any revisions within a week of delivery. 

  • Allow Katie Pearse Productions to post the interviewee’s photo and episode for any advertising or promotional reasons. 



  • The total cost of this interview and episode package is: $995.

  • The first half of the payment is due upon signing this agreement and is non-refundable. $497.50.

  • The second half of the payment is due within a week of the final episode’s delivery. $497.50 (+ any incurred fees and transcription fees).

  • Payment will be made using this form and another form emailed to the client for the second payment.

The Client Recognizes:

  • The final episode will be posted on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audioboom, and any other major streaming platform for public consumption. 

  • The podcast will remain posted to major streaming platforms for 10 years. 

  • Anyone will have access to their episode once it is posted on the major streaming platforms.

If interviewee is unable to sign at this time, leave this blank and we will get their signature at the interview.


Katherine Pearse


Katie Pearse Productions

Discount Code:

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Basic Transcription



Memory Book Transcription

+$150 (excludes printing cost)

Add Ons

Select which add-ons you want to include. 

(charged at second payment)

Keep reading, you're almost there!

At checkout you will be charged half of the total cost ($497.50 of $995)

The other half (+add-ons) will be due upon delivery of the recording.

After you will be emailed a confirmation, a link to schedule your interview, download a gift certificates, and fill out the preliminary questionnaire. 

The checkout box may take a moment to open, please wait for up to 1 FULL minute.  

Fill out this form and purchase at the end.

You will then be emailed:

A purchase confirmation

A link to schedule your interview

Downloadable gift certificates 

The preliminary questionnaire. 

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