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30-Minute Episode

At Hearing our Heritage, our 30-minute episode is the cornerstone of our mission. In a 90-minute interview, we embark on a journey through the storyteller's life, capturing the most significant moments and memories. But that's just the beginning.

After the interview, we meticulously work to transform these cherished moments into a tailored 30-minute podcast-style episode. This isn't just a recording; it's a masterpiece. With skilled narration and carefully curated music, we craft an experience that doesn't just tell a story—it brings it to life.

30-Minute Episode

  • Package Includes:

    • Preliminary questionnaire 

    • 90-minute in-home interview (remote or in person)

    • Professional editing, chronologizing, and mixing

    • Tasteful music and narration 

    • ~30-minute episode delivered via email and streaming links

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