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Unedited Episode



An elderly man being interviewed for a family history podcast

At Hearing our Heritage, simplicity meets significance. Our unedited episode is designed for those who want a genuine and unaltered recording of a loved one's life story.

With an unedited episode, you receive a professionally recorded raw interview that captures the authentic voice and narrative of the individual. There are no extensive edits or embellishments – just the unique story as it is told.

This package provides a straightforward way to preserve the essence of one's life, making it far more accessible than attempting to write it all down.

Our commitment to professionalism ensures that every moment is captured with care and respect. It's a timeless keepsake that allows loved ones to cherish memories exactly as they are shared. It is a simple yet profound way to honor one's life.

Package Includes:

  • Preliminary questionnaire 

  • 90-minute in-home interview (remote or in person)

  • Professional mixing with minimal editing

  • ~90-minute recording delivered via email

Optional Add-Ons
(Add at checkout)

transcription image.jpeg

Basic Transcription


After purchase, ​you will be emailed a link to book an interview time slot, the preliminary questionnaire and further information about the interview day. 

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